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ISF has the longstanding scientific and practical experience in such fields as standardization of business-processes at enterprises, financial planning and budgeting, investment planning, anti-crisis programs development, restructuring and business valuation, marketing audit, protection of intellectual property and construction of franchise networks.
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ISF constantly promotes advancement of foreign franchises on the markets of the CIS countries. If you are looking for an opportunity to enter the markets of Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, we are ready to help you in it. Click here to know what we can do for your franchise expansion success.

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How to sell a franchise

1. Preparation of a COMPANY for franchising projects

Download a form of franchise owner

In order to replicate your business, it is necessary to have some initial standard model. These standards will describe technological operations, way of management, interaction, serving at the enterprise and other important aspects of your business. The description of business standards is indispensable for optimizing the company which is to be replicated, as in the process of standardization it is possible to find hidden problems and new possibilities, to show the processes of a company in documentation, which will create a system ready for modernization, adoption by staff and also for replication. The last one is the most perspective type of business development nowadays.

Specialists of ISF Company, who have the longstanding experience in the business standardization of trade names, are ready to assist you with this. You can find more information in the «Business standards» section.

2. Search for potential buyers

You may look for potential buyers of your franchise by placing an offer in our directory by an independent search. In any case, before offering a franchise for sale, it is necessary to take a number of steps aimed at increase of appeal of your offer. We are also ready to assist, making your franchise offer as attractive as possible. But first, please fill out the Form of franchise owner.

If you find it difficult to calculate the amount of franchising payments such as license cost, royalty, etc. please refer to our «Franchising payments» section.

3. Possible customer/franchisee estimation

Before negotiations with possible customer, it is required to estimate his abilities to conduct business successfully under your trademark. You have to gather primary information characterizing his potential. The best way to do it is to fill a Franchise candidate questionnaire.

4. sale

We enter into contract of franchise sale and perform search and negotiate with possible partners.

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